OKR template to elevate overall test coverage across all features

public-lib · Published 27 days ago

The OKR aims to elevate overall test coverage across all features by implementing a systematic approach for consistently improving coverage. This includes setting up a monitoring system for constant progress checking, devising strategies to augment the test coverage, and spotting areas that currently lack sufficient test coverage.

The second objective undertakes identifying and addressing 30% of the areas with low test coverage present on existing features. For this, features will be prioritized based on their importance, ones with less than 70% test coverage will be recognized, and tests will be developed and implemented to enhance their coverage.

Subsequently, the ambition is to attain a minimum of 70% code coverage for all fresh features advanced during the next quarter. This will demand holding review and refactoring sessions to better coverage, introducing compulsory unit tests for all new features, and routinely observing the code coverage using suitable tools.

The approach here is to make test coverage a core part of the development process, adopting it as an ongoing activity rather than a discrete task. This comprehensive approach gives an assurance of the quality of code across all features and facilitates finding any flaws or critical issues promptly.
  • ObjectiveElevate overall test coverage across all features
  • Key ResultImplement a process for monitoring and increasing test coverage on an ongoing basis
  • TaskImplement a continuous test coverage monitoring system
  • TaskDevelop strategies to continuously improve test coverage
  • TaskIdentify existing areas lacking sufficient test coverage
  • Key ResultIdentify and address 30% of areas with low test coverage across existing features
  • TaskPrioritize these features based on importance
  • TaskIdentify features with less than 70% test coverage
  • TaskDevelop and implement tests to increase coverage
  • Key ResultAchieve 70% code coverage for all new features developed in the next quarter
  • TaskConduct reviews and refactoring sessions to improve coverage
  • TaskImplement mandatory unit tests for all newly developed features
  • TaskMonitor code coverage regularly using suitable tools
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