OKR template to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications

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The described OKR focuses on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications at an organization. The primary objective comprises three outcomes. The first outcome seeks to reduce email communication by 50% by implementing collaborative tools. It entails identification of suitable tools, keeping track of email usage, and teaching the team how to use the chosen tool.

The second outcome pushes for a 25% increase in staff participation in internal communication feedback surveys. To achieve this, the company plans to implement rewards for participants, regularly promote surveys through company communications channels, and develop engaging, quick-to-complete surveys.

The third outcome centers around the development and approval of an internal communications strategy involving all department leaders. Initiatives include scheduling meetings for feedback with department heads, revising the strategy according to received approval, and drafting the initial proposal for the strategy.

The OKR is well-structured and set to improve internal communication practices within the organization, ultimately leading to better workplace efficiency and productivity.
  • ObjectiveEnhance efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications
  • Key ResultImplement a collaborative tool to reduce email communication by 50%
  • TaskIdentify suitable collaborative tools for team communication
  • TaskMonitor and measure reduction in email usage
  • TaskTrain team on the usage of the selected tool
  • Key ResultAchieve a 25% increase in staff participation in internal communications feedback surveys
  • TaskImplement staff incentives for survey participation
  • TaskRegularly promote surveys through company-wide communications
  • TaskDevelop engaging, concise surveys for easier completion
  • Key ResultDevelop an internal communications strategy and get approval from all department heads
  • TaskSchedule meetings with department heads for feedback
  • TaskRevise and finalize strategy based on received approval
  • TaskDraft an initial internal communications strategy proposal
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