OKR template to improve Access control, management, and automation efforts

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This OKR aims to improve access control, management and increase automation efforts. The first objective seeks to decrease access control approval cycle time by 15% through better automation. This involves measuring and adjusting automated efficiency, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing an efficient automation software.

The second objective is about including automation in two critical systems with the ability to perform one-click deployment. This would involve testing this process, developing automation scripts, and deciding on the two critical systems that would be optimal for this implementation.

In essence, the final objective aims to decrease manual intervention in the access management processes by 20% using automation. This would be achieved by consistently monitoring the system, training staff to use the automation features effectively, and incorporating an efficient automated access management software in the system.

Taken together, these objectives aim to improve access control effectiveness, the management process, and boost the overall automation efforts by incorporating new features and training staff.
  • ObjectiveImprove Access control, management, and automation efforts
  • Key ResultDecrease access control approval cycle time by 15% with efficient automation application
  • TaskMeasure and adjust automation efficiency to hit the 15% reduction target
  • TaskIdentify bottlenecks in the current access control approval process
  • TaskImplement an automation software to streamline approval tasks
  • Key ResultImplement automation in 2 new critical systems, preparing for 1 click deployment
  • TaskTest one-click deployment and resolve issues
  • TaskDevelop automation scripts for the identified systems
  • TaskIdentify two critical systems suitable for automation
  • Key ResultReduce manual intervention in access management processes by 20% using automation
  • TaskMonitor system regularly to ensure automated processes are working efficiently
  • TaskTrain staff on utilizing automation features for access management
  • TaskImplement automated access management software in the system
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