OKR template to successful Exchange and Migration of Server Systems

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR titled "Successful Exchange and Migration of Server Systems" aims to successfully upgrade and transfer all server systems. The first objective is performing an exhaustive inventory of all existing servers, classifying them according to their purpose by the end of the first week. This is accomplished through initiatives like completing the inventory within the first week and compiling a comprehensive list of servers.

The second objective is to migrate half of the servers that have been identified, without triggering any system downtime, all before Week 6. The initiatives here are performing the migration during non-peak hours to avoid hindrance, prioritizing non-critical servers for the initial migration to lower potential impact, and formulating and testing a migration strategy.

The final aim requires completion of migration and assurance of fully functional and optimized systems by the end of Week 12. For achieving this, all systems will undergo rigorous testing. The functionality of the systems will be optimized, and the migration is expected to be finished all within the stipulated twelve weeks.

In a nutshell, the objective here is to guarantee a seamless, effective, and risk-minimized server migration process. It focuses on the overall inventory, identification, categorization, migration, and optimization of servers while ensuring zero downtime.
  • ObjectiveSuccessful Exchange and Migration of Server Systems
  • Key ResultConduct a thorough inventory and categorize all existing servers by end of Week 1
  • TaskComplete inventory by end of Week 1
  • TaskCompile a comprehensive list of all existing servers
  • TaskCategorize servers based on their function
  • Key ResultMigrate 50% of identified servers without causing any system downtime by Week 6
  • TaskExecute migration plan during off-peak hours to avoid downtime
  • TaskIdentify non-essential servers for initial migration to minimize potential impact
  • TaskDevelop and test migration strategy for selected servers
  • Key ResultComplete the migration and ensure all systems are fully functional and optimized by Week 12
  • TaskConduct thorough testing on all systems
  • TaskOptimize system functionality by Week 12
  • TaskFinish the migration process by Week 12
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