OKR template to implement new functionality in our product offering

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR aims to introduce and improve new features in the product, as explained by its title "Implement new functionality in our Product Offering". This will be achieved by getting 80% positive feedback from beta testers, finalizing development of two new features, and ensuring minimal bugs in the releases.

To get helpful feedback, well-explained instructions for new features will be created, beta tester feedback will be monitored and suggestions will be promptly implemented. This will ensure the users understand and can navigate the new features effectively hence providing constructive feedback.

The development of two new features is the second objective. Revisions are to be implemented after collecting feedback. Rigorous testing will be carried out to ensure these features work correctly. Finally, obtaining stakeholders' approval would confirm that the features meet all necessary criteria.

Lastly, the goal is to have 95% bug-free releases. This will be accomplished by teaching team members debugging techniques, holding frequent code review sessions and executing meticulous testing protocols. These steps will ensure high-quality, bug-free end products for users.
  • ObjectiveImplement new functionality in our product offering
  • Key ResultObtain 80% positive feedback from beta testers on new functionality
  • TaskDevelop clear, user-friendly instructions for new functionality
  • TaskRegularly monitor and analyze beta tester feedback
  • TaskImplement suggestions for improvements promptly
  • Key ResultFinalize development of 2 new features by meeting acceptance criteria
  • TaskImplement necessary revisions post feedback
  • TaskConduct rigorous testing for each new feature
  • TaskObtain stakeholder approval for the completed features
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% bug-free releases for the new functions
  • TaskTrain team members in systematic debugging techniques
  • TaskSchedule frequent code review sessions amongst developers
  • TaskImplement robust testing protocols for newly developed functions
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