OKR template to develop and launch the MVP for a real estate application

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR targets the development and launch of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a real estate application. The key objectives involve successful execution of the MVP's beta testing with feedback from at least 100 potential end-users, as well as identifying these testers and incorporating their insights to improve the MVP.

In addition, the objective includes finalising the MVP's features and design by evaluating market requirements. This final product should cater to user requirements and capture the core functionalities of the desired product based on a comprehensive analysis of market needs.

Another objective involves completing the development of the MVP. To achieve this, it's crucial to assign development tasks to team members, outline essential features and carry out exhaustive testing and debugging to ensure everything is operating as anticipated.

The goals direct the team in fostering detailed, user-friendly feedback mechanisms while monitoring for any necessary revisions. It is about developing an MVP that appeals to potential end-users, while also ensuring to make changes and improvements based on received feedback.
  • ObjectiveDevelop and launch the MVP for a real estate application
  • Key ResultSuccessfully execute MVP beta testing with at least 100 potential end-users
  • TaskDevelop a detailed, user-friendly feedback mechanism for beta testers
  • TaskMonitor feedback and data to revise and improve the MVP accordingly
  • TaskIdentify and onboard at least 100 potential end-users for beta testing
  • Key ResultFinalize MVP features and design following user requirements by analyzing market needs
  • Key ResultComplete the development of the application's MVP with essential functionalities
  • TaskAssign development tasks to the team
  • TaskOutline the MVP's essential features and functionality
  • TaskConduct rigorous testing and debugging
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