OKR template to elevate content quality across all social platforms

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The principal aim of this OKR is to improve the quality of content on all social platforms. This will be achieved through three outcomes: increasing the average engagement rate per post by 20%, ensuring 100% of posts have been reviewed in detail, and reducing content-related complaints and reports by 30%.

To improve the engagement rate, initiatives such as creating content in line with audience preferences, running interactive activities like polls and contests, and promoting posts with high engagement will be implemented. This will ensure that the content is in line with the interest of the audience and inviting interaction, thereby boosting engagement rates.

Implementing a strict review process is key to ensuring the quality of posts. This will be accomplished by developing comprehensive guidelines for content and a checklist for reviewing content, undertaking regular audits for quality control and training a content review team. This will panel every piece of content through rigorous examination before being posted.

Lastly, to minimize content-related complaints, regular quality checks will be in place to ensure that the content meets the required standards. User-friendly reporting mechanisms will also be established, and content moderation will be enhanced through manual and AI strategies. These mechanisms will decrease the likelihood of content complaints and streamline the process of addressing any issues that arise.
  • ObjectiveElevate content quality across all social platforms
  • Key ResultIncrease average engagement rate per post by 20%
  • TaskCreate content targeting audience interests and preferences
  • TaskInitiate interactive activities like poll or contest
  • TaskBoost posts with high engagement rates
  • Key ResultImplement a rigorous content review process leading to 100% checked posts
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive content guidelines and review checklist
  • TaskEstablish quality control with routine audits
  • TaskDesignate and train content review team
  • Key ResultReduce content-related complaints and reports by 30%
  • TaskImplement regular content quality checks
  • TaskProvide user-friendly reporting mechanisms
  • TaskImprove content moderation with AI and manual strategies
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