OKR template to implement a robust loyalty feature in the banking app

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR outlined aims to implement a robust loyalty feature in the banking app. The primary objective is to create an engagement tool within the app that encourages user participation. This is measured by an initiative to achieve a 25% user participation rate in the new loyalty program, post-launch.

The second initiative within this OKR aims to examine the feature's efficacy by testing it with a sample of 200 customers. Success is measured by achieving an 85% satisfaction rate amongst these selected customers, indicating the feature is user-friendly and enhancing user experience greatly.

The third initiative within this OKR includes designing and developing a loyalty feature prototype by the end of the first month. Success is measured by achieving 100% of planned work on this project, ensuring that the rollout is on schedule. The focus here is to create a user-friendly prototype, based on research and careful designing.

The initiatives under each objective include promotion of the loyalty program, incentivized referral system and advertising. In addition to these, customer satisfaction data collection, prototype testing and selection of customers for testing and finally the prototype development based on research and design sketches are also in play
  • ObjectiveImplement a robust loyalty feature in the banking app
  • Key ResultAchieve a 25% user participation rate in the loyalty program post-launch
  • TaskDevelop engaging promotional materials for loyalty program
  • TaskImplement incentivized referrals to boost user rates
  • TaskEstablish effective communication channels for advertising
  • Key ResultTest the prototype with 200 customers and achieve at least 85% satisfaction rate
  • TaskGather and analyze customer satisfaction data
  • TaskExecute the prototype testing strategy
  • TaskSelect 200 customers for prototype testing
  • Key ResultDesign and develop a user-friendly loyalty feature prototype by end of month one
  • TaskDevelop minimum viable prototype
  • TaskSketch initial design of the prototype
  • TaskConduct research on successful user-friendly loyalty features
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