OKR template to successfully launch website version 2

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR outlines a strategy to launch the second version of a website successfully. The objective is to complete UX/UI improvements to increase user engagement by 20%. This aim is to be achieved by developing and implementing detailed UX/UI enhancement strategies, monitoring the improvements, and evaluating the existing UX/UI weaknesses and user engagement rates.

The second outcome focuses on achieving a user feedback score of 90% post-launch by polishing new functionalities. This score can be achieved by performing rigorous testing to optimize new functionalities, developing a user-friendly feedback system, and motivating users to actively provide their feedback.

The final outcome laid in the OKR identifies the commitment to implement and test new features or functions with no reports of bugs. To meet this target, initiatives such as performing thorough bug testing post-implementation, developing exhaustive unit tests for each new feature, and regularly scheduled functionality evaluations and debugging sessions are proposed.

Overall, this OKR is geared towards achieving a successful website launch by enhancing user engagement, optimizing the user feedback mechanism, and ensuring error-free functionalities.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch website version 2
  • Key ResultComplete UX/UI improvements for increased user engagement by 20%
  • TaskDevelop and implement detailed UX/UI enhancement strategies
  • TaskMonitor and assess improvements for desired 20% engagement increase
  • TaskIdentify and analyze current UX/UI weaknesses and user engagement rates
  • Key ResultAttain a user feedback score of 90% post-launch due to improved functionalities
  • TaskImplement thorough testing to optimize new functionalities
  • TaskDevelop and launch a user-friendly feedback system
  • TaskActively encourage users to give their feedback
  • Key ResultImplement and test new features/functions with zero bug reports
  • TaskConduct thorough bug testing after implementation
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive unit tests for each new feature
  • TaskRegularly schedule functionality evaluation and debug sessions
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