OKR template to increase conversion rate of free subscribers to paid subscribers

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR aims to increase the conversion rate of free subscribers into paid ones. The first objective is the development and release of two new features exclusive for paid subscribers. This includes creating detailed specifications, planning a marketing campaign, and ensuring these features work efficiently through rigorous testing.

The second objective is to implement a new strategy for marketing that will increase free to paid user conversion by 15%. Tasked initiatives include creating referral programs for paid users, deploying targeted email campaigns, and developing premium features that add great value to paid plans.

The third objective is to perform monthly A/B tests thrice, which should improve landing page conversion rates by 20%. Included are the identification of key landing page elements to test, data analysis and application of the successful changes, and developing and implementing A/B versions.

Overall, the OKR heavily emphasizes marketing strategy, program development, detailed planning, and intensive testing to reach the goal of increasing paid subscription rates.
  • ObjectiveIncrease conversion rate of free subscribers to paid subscribers
  • Key ResultRelease two new premium features exclusive for paid subscribers
  • TaskDevelop detailed specifications for the two new premium features
  • TaskPlan a marketing campaign to promote the new features
  • TaskExecute a testing procedure to ensure feature efficiency
  • Key ResultImplement a new marketing strategy to increase free to paid user conversions by 15%
  • TaskCreate incentivized referral programs for paid users
  • TaskImplement targeted email campaigns to drive conversion
  • TaskDevelop premium features that add significant value to paid plans
  • Key ResultConduct 3 A/B tests monthly to improve landing page conversion rates by 20%
  • TaskIdentify key elements of landing page to test
  • TaskAnalyze data and apply successful changes
  • TaskDevelop and implement A/B versions
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