OKR template to boost ad revenue on patrika.com

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The overarching goal of this OKR is to enhance advertising revenue on the site patrika.com. This is to be accomplished with three key outcomes and each of those consists of individual initiatives. The first outcome aims to elevate the website's visitor traffic by 20%, achieved via search engine optimization (SEO), regular blog posts, and a social media ad campaign.

The second objective focuses on ameliorating the ad click-through rate by 10%. Initiatives for achieving this outcome include employing A/B testing for optimizing ad designs, increasing ad visibility with strategic positioning and refining target parameters to line up with customer demographics.

The third and final outcome is based on broadening advertisement placement options through the addition of 2 new ad formats. To realize this, initiatives include research on trending advertisement formats, designing and developing 2 such formats, and implementing and testing the effectiveness of these formats.

In sum, this OKR is aimed at increasing patrika.com's advertising revenue by increasing website traffic, improving ad click rates, and expanding ad formats.
  • ObjectiveBoost ad revenue on patrika.com
  • Key ResultIncrease website visitor traffic by 20%
  • TaskImplement SEO strategies to improve website's search engine ranking
  • TaskStart a blog and post relevant, keyword-rich content regularly
  • TaskLaunch a social media advertising campaign to attract users
  • Key ResultImprove ad click-through rate by 10%
  • TaskImplement A/B testing to optimize ad design
  • TaskIncrease visibility with strategic ad placements
  • TaskRefine targeting parameters to align with customer demographics
  • Key ResultExpand advertisement placement options by adding 2 new ad formats
  • TaskResearch trending and effective advertisement formats
  • TaskDesign and develop 2 new ad formats
  • TaskImplement and test new ad formats
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