OKR template to improve risk management in the editorial department

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The OKR focuses on enhancing risk management within the editorial department. It revolves around three main objectives. Firstly, to conduct risk management training for all editorial staff. This will involve scheduling training, providing details to staff, and identifying an expert to handle the training session.

The second objective under this OKR is reducing errors in outgoing pieces by 30% through strengthening quality control. This will be achieved by constantly reviewing and enhancing quality control methods, training staff on quality control techniques, and creating a detailed checklist for inspecting outgoing pieces.

The third objective of the OKR is to implement a comprehensive risk assessment tool by the end of the quarter. The actions lined up for this include assigning a development team to create the tool, planning tests to evaluate its efficacy, and identifying the necessary features this tool should have.

The overall aim is to equip the editorial team with the necessary risk management skills and tools, ultimately minimizing errors and hiccups that may occur in the department's day-to-day operations.
  • ObjectiveImprove risk management in the editorial department
  • Key ResultConduct training on risk management for 100% of the editorial staff
  • TaskSchedule a suitable training date for editorial staff
  • TaskCommunicate training details and expectations to staff
  • TaskIdentify a risk management expert for training session
  • Key ResultReduce errors within outgoing pieces by 30% through stringent quality control measures
  • TaskRegularly review and improve quality control processes
  • TaskImplement comprehensive training in quality control techniques
  • TaskDevelop a detailed checklist to inspect outgoing pieces
  • Key ResultImplement a comprehensive risk assessment tool by end of the quarter
  • TaskAssign development team to create the tool
  • TaskPlan tests to evaluate tool efficacy
  • TaskIdentify necessary features for the risk assessment tool
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