OKR template to boost our company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) involvement and visibility

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This OKR focuses on enhancing the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through increased involvement and public visibility. The aim is to up the count of CSR initiatives by 20%, a goal that entails executive endorsement, resource allocation, and identification of potential CSR partners and cause-based projects.

In addition to enhancing CSR projects, the OKR aims at promoting staff participation. The objective is to involve 70% of staff members in volunteering activities related to CSR. This requires structuring regular volunteering opportunities with local charities, promoting these events through internal communication channels, and identifying staff interests for suitable CSR activities.

In line with CSR initiatives, this OKR seeks to lessen the company's environmental impact by decreasing its carbon footprint by 15%. To this end, the company intends to install energy-efficient appliances and lighting. A company-wide recycling program is also part of the plan, as is the implementation of solar panels for renewable power generation.

Lastly, this OKR demands comprehensive management and extensive coordination. It aims at ambitious milestones in CSR involvement, staff volunteering, and carbon footprint reduction, requiring thorough planning, ongoing commitment, and consistent endeavor from all involved parties.
  • ObjectiveBoost our company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) involvement and visibility
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of CSR projects by 20%
  • TaskGet executive approval for CSR expansion
  • TaskAllocate resources to support an increased CSR project
  • TaskIdentify potential partners and causes for new CSR projects
  • Key ResultInvolve 70% of staff in volunteering activities related to CSR
  • TaskSet up regular volunteer opportunities with local charities
  • TaskPublicize volunteering events through internal communication channels
  • TaskIdentify interests of staff for suitable CSR activities
  • Key ResultDecrease carbon footprint by 15% through energy-efficient initiatives
  • TaskInstall energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • TaskEstablish company-wide recycling program
  • TaskImplement solar panels to generate renewable power
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