OKR template to maximize funding for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives

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This OKR aims to maximize the funding for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The main objective includes achieving staff participation of 80% in CSR fundraisers. The company plans on encouraging participation by offering incentives and designing appealing fundraiser activities. Communicating the significance and benefits of CSR is also considered a key initiative.

The next crucial outcome is to increase the CSR budget allocation by 25% from the last quarter. Although no specific initiatives are listed for this outcome, it is implied that it would involve financial realignments, budgeting and forthright discussions about company priorities.

The third outcome is to secure at least three new partnerships for CSR funding by the end of the quarter. To realize this, the company will identify potential partners that mesh with their CSR goals and make pitches to five organisations weekly. Follow-ups and agreement formations with interested prospects are scheduled initiatives.

The expected impacts include growth in employee involvement in CSR activities, increased monetary resources for CSR caused by budget expansion, and the addition of at least three new partnerships. These steps will help maximize both financial and human resources for CSR initiatives.
  • ObjectiveMaximize funding for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • Key ResultAchieve 80% of staff participation in company-wide CSR fundraisers
  • TaskImplement incentives for participating in CSR fundraisers
  • TaskDesign engaging CSR fundraiser activities to encourage participation
  • TaskCommunicate the importance and impact of CSR fundraisers to staff
  • Key ResultIncrease CSR budget allocation by 25% from last quarter
  • Key ResultSecure at least 3 new partnerships for CSR funding by quarter end
  • TaskIdentify potential partners aligned with our CSR goals
  • TaskReach out to and pitch to 5 organisations every week
  • TaskFollow-up and secure agreements with interested prospects
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