OKR template to implement unit-testing in Mid-Office

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The OKR focuses on implementing unit-testing in the Mid-Office within a given timeframe. The first objective is to devise a detailed unit testing plan. The initiatives related to this objective involve scheduling and task delegation, identification of functionalities for testing, and drafting a unit testing procedure.

The second objective is to train the team on unit-testing practices and familiarize them with the necessary tools. This objective requires scheduling and conducting weekly training for the team, designing a comprehensive training program, and identifying the right software and tools for unit-testing.

The third objective aims to achieve 80% code coverage with unit tests by the end of the specified quarter. This objective entails writing effective tests for identified sections, highlighting code areas lacking unit tests, and running and adjusting tests recurrently for better performance.

The implementation of unit-testing will not only help increase the efficiency and reliability of the systems but will also enhance the skills and knowledge of the team, making them well-versed in this fundamental practice of software development.
  • ObjectiveImplement unit-testing in Mid-Office
  • Key ResultDevelop a comprehensive unit testing plan within 4 weeks
  • TaskSchedule and delegate testing tasks
  • TaskIdentify all functionalities for testing
  • TaskDraft a detailed unit testing procedure
  • Key ResultTrain the team on unit-testing best practices and tools by 6 weeks
  • TaskSchedule and conduct weekly team training sessions for 6 weeks
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive training program on unit-testing practices
  • TaskIdentify appropriate unit-testing software and tools for training
  • Key ResultAchieve 80% code coverage with unit tests by the end of the quarter
  • TaskWrite effective tests for identified sections
  • TaskIdentify sections of code lacking unit tests
  • TaskRegularly run and adjust tests for improvement
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