OKR template to cultivate an appealing, inclusive company culture

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This OKR aims to foster a captivating and inclusive corporate culture. One objective focuses on reducing staff turnover by 15% by enhancing workplace conditions. This could be achieved through flexible working hours for balanced lifestyle, mandatory team-building activities and upgraded office equipment for improved work experience.

Another objective strives to increase workforce satisfaction by 20% through various staff engagement schemes. The initiatives mentioned include regular team workshops, feedback and suggestion session, and an employee acknowledgment and rewards scheme. These are all designed to promote employee interaction and overall company culture improvement.

A further objective is to implement two employee-led initiatives to stimulate a sense of ownership and participation among employees. Staff can be involved at different levels, such as the launch of initiatives, training on leadership and engagement strategies, and identification of potential leaders.

In the end, this OKR is about cultivating a company culture that not only attracts talented workers but also retains them by improving work conditions, boosting employee satisfaction, and promoting leadership and ownership among employees.
  • ObjectiveCultivate an appealing, inclusive company culture
  • Key ResultDecrease turnover rate by 15% through enhanced workplace conditions
  • TaskIntroduce flexible working hours for work-life balance
  • TaskImplement mandatory team-building activities to foster camaraderie
  • TaskUpgrade office equipment for a better work experience
  • Key ResultImprove employee satisfaction score by 20% through engagement initiatives
  • TaskImplement weekly team-building activities and workshops
  • TaskConduct regular feedback and suggestion sessions
  • TaskEstablish an employee recognition and rewards system
  • Key ResultImplement 2 employee-led initiatives to foster ownership and engagement
  • TaskLaunch two employee-led initiatives
  • TaskProvide training on leading and engagement strategies
  • TaskIdentify possible leaders interested in leading initiatives
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