OKR template to enhance the quality of our App notifications

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The primary focus of this OKR is to enhance the quality of the App notifications, in such a way as to promote a better user experience. Firstly, there is a dedication to reducing uninstalls related to notifications by 15%. Steps to achieve this include evaluation of current notifications for relevance, optimization of notification frequency based on user preferences, and implementation of succinct, value-driven content.

The second objective seeks to increase user satisfaction related to the notifications by 30%. This goal aims to guarantee that users find the notifications relevant and valuable. Initiatives include enhancing notification relevance via personalized user preferences, improving notification design for better comprehension, and regularly surveying users for feedback on improvements.

The final target is to boost the open rate of notifications by 20%. This goal aims to ensure that more users directly engage with the notifications they receive. Measures to achieve this target include A/B testing different strategies and formats, implementing engaging customized content, and optimizing notification timing based on user activity.

As a whole, this OKR is geared towards making the app's notifications more user-friendly and engaging. It adopts a data-driven approach to understanding what users want from notifications and how they have been interacting with them in the past, to inform the strategies for improvement.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the quality of our App notifications
  • Key ResultReduce notification-related uninstalls by 15%
  • TaskEvaluate current notifications for relevance and engagement
  • TaskImplement succinct, value-driven notification content
  • TaskOptimize notification frequency based on user preferences
  • Key ResultIncrease user satisfaction score with notifications by 30%
  • TaskEnhance notification relevance with personalized user preferences
  • TaskImprove notification design for clear visibility and comprehension
  • TaskRegularly survey users for feedback on notification improvements
  • Key ResultBoost notification open rate by 20%
  • TaskImplement engaging, customised content in notification messages
  • TaskA/B test different notification strategies and formats
  • TaskOptimize notification timing based on user activity
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