OKR template to implement a centralized sales data repository and reporting system

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The OKR titled "Implement a centralized sales data repository and reporting system" aims to enhance the management and reporting of sales data. Firstly, it includes transferring all existing data to a selected platform, requiring the identification, consolidation, and migration of the data, whilst confirming its accuracy.

Secondly, the OKR stipulates the training of the sales team on how to use the newly implemented system. This involves organizing comprehensive training sessions, carrying out proficiency tests post-training and training team members on key functionalities of the system.

The OKR also involves the identification of a suitable repository and reporting system. Five potential data repository systems are to be researched, evaluated based on specific criteria, and the best system chosen for the company's needs.

Overall, the goal is to achieve full migration of sales data and proficient use of the new system by at least 90% of the sales team; thereby enhancing sales data organization and reporting.
  • ObjectiveImplement a centralized sales data repository and reporting system
  • Key ResultSuccessfully migrate 100% of existing sales data to the chosen platform
  • TaskExecute full data migration and verify accuracy
  • TaskIdentify and consolidate all existing sales data for migration
  • TaskPrepare new platform for seamless data transfer
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of the sales team on the new system, achieving 80% proficiency
  • TaskSchedule all-inclusive training sessions for the sales team
  • TaskImplement proficiency tests post-training
  • TaskIdentify key functions in the new system for targeted training
  • Key ResultIdentify suitable centralized data repository and reporting system by evaluating at least 5 options
  • TaskResearch and compile a list of 5 potential data repository systems
  • TaskEvaluate each system based on defined criteria
  • TaskChoose the most suitable centralized data repository and reporting system
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