OKRs to establish a substantial presence on YouTube

public-lib · Published 24 days ago

In the age of digital media, becoming a famed content creator on YouTube is a dream shared by many. This OKR is for those who aspire to share their unique perspectives and interests with the world, and television is no longer the only valid gateway to fame. Becoming a YouTuber takes more than just charisma and creativity – it is a journey that demands dedication, resourcefulness, and a clear vision. This OKR will guide aspirants on their journey to becoming renowned YouTubers, from crafting compelling content to growing and engaging their viewer base.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a substantial presence on YouTube
  • Key ResultCreate and upload a minimum of 15 high-quality, engaging videos
  • TaskUpload videos through designated platform
  • TaskPlan out content topics and storyboard for 15 videos
  • TaskProduce, edit and finalize each video
  • Key ResultAttract and gain 1000 new subscribers to my YouTube channel
  • TaskPromote channel widely through social media outlets
  • TaskImplement SEO techniques to improve channel visibility
  • TaskCreate intriguing, high-quality content relevant to target audience
  • Key ResultGarner an average of 2000 views per video
  • TaskImplement strategic SEO techniques for video discoverability
  • TaskConsistently promote videos on different social media platforms
  • TaskCreate engaging, high-quality content appealing to target audience

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