OKR template to produce three engaging surgeon video testimonials

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR is focused on producing three engaging video testimonials featuring surgeons. The first objective aims to identify and confirm the participation of three surgeons by the end of the first month. This would be achieved through inviting potential surgeons and gauging their interest level.

The second objective targets receiving 5,000 views across all platforms within a month of posting the testimonials. For this, SEO optimization will be used to attract viewers, and a social media strategy will be used to promote the testimonials. The performance of these strategies will be constantly monitored and adjusted for optimal results.

The third objective is dedicated to the production quality of the videos. The goal is to successfully record, edit, and finalize all three videos by the end of the second month. This involves scripting, shooting, and recording the videos, finalizing them in the required format, and carefully reviewing and editing them for quality.

In summary, this OKR focuses on producing three high-quality surgeon testimonials, ensuring their accessibility and visibility through strategic marketing, and attaining a significant number of views from the audience across all platforms.
  • ObjectiveProduce three engaging surgeon video testimonials
  • Key ResultIdentify and confirm participation of three surgeons by end of month one
  • TaskObtain confirmation of participation from surgeons
  • TaskSend formal invitations to three selected surgeons
  • TaskResearch potential surgeons and gauge their interest level
  • Key ResultAchieved 5,000 views across all platforms within a month of posting
  • TaskResearch competitive keywords for SEO optimization
  • TaskDevelop a social media promotional strategy
  • TaskMonitor and adjust marketing strategies for effectiveness
  • Key ResultSuccessfully record, edit and finalize all three videos by month two
  • TaskScript, shoot, and precisely record all three videos
  • TaskFinalize and save all videos in the required format
  • TaskCarefully review, edit, and enhance video quality
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