OKR template to improve Employee Retention

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The main focus of this OKR is to improve employee retention. The first objective aims to implement a professional development program with at least 80% of the workforce participating. Initiatives involve designing training that aligns with staff needs and goals, and establishing a tracking system to monitor involvement and assess effectiveness.

The second objective calls for conducting exit interviews with outgoing employees to pinpoint recurring issues for improvement. Strategies include asking open-ended questions during interviews, analyzing data to identify common problems, and implementing measures to enhance employee satisfaction based on the findings.

The third objective seeks to diminish the voluntary employee turnover rate by 10% compared to the previous quarter. While no specific initiatives are listed to achieve this goal, it would presumably involve strategies gleaned from exit interviews and the implemented development program.

Finally, the fourth objective aims to raise the employee satisfaction score by 15% through quarterly surveys. This would be achieved by meticulous survey data analysis, clear communication of results and planned action, as well as diligent tracking of progress towards the target.
  • ObjectiveImprove Employee Retention
  • Key ResultImplement a professional development program and have 80% of employees participate
  • TaskDesign and deliver engaging training sessions that align with employees' needs and goals
  • TaskEstablish a tracking system to monitor employees' participation and measure the program's effectiveness
  • TaskConduct a needs assessment to identify specific professional development opportunities
  • TaskCreate a structured mentorship program to support employees' professional growth and knowledge sharing
  • Key ResultConduct exit interviews with departing employees and identify recurring themes for improvement
  • TaskAsk open-ended questions to gather feedback on employee experience
  • TaskAnalyze data from exit interviews to identify common areas for improvement
  • TaskImplement strategies to address recurring themes and enhance employee satisfaction
  • TaskSchedule exit interviews for departing employees
  • Key ResultReduce voluntary employee turnover rate by 10% compared to the previous quarter
  • Key ResultIncrease employee satisfaction score by 15% through quarterly surveys
  • TaskAnalyze survey results to identify areas of improvement and develop action plans
  • TaskCommunicate survey findings and action plans to employees to ensure transparency
  • TaskImplement an anonymous and confidential survey to gather employee feedback
  • TaskRegularly track and evaluate progress towards the goal and adjust strategies accordingly
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