15 customisable OKR examples for Facilitator

What are Facilitator OKRs?

The OKR acronym stands for Objectives and Key Results. It's a goal-setting framework that was introduced at Intel by Andy Grove in the 70s, and it became popular after John Doerr introduced it to Google in the 90s. OKRs helps teams has a shared language to set ambitious goals and track progress towards them.

OKRs are quickly gaining popularity as a goal-setting framework. But, it's not always easy to know how to write your goals, especially if it's your first time using OKRs.

We've tailored a list of OKRs examples for Facilitator to help you. You can look at any of the templates below to get some inspiration for your own goals.

If you want to learn more about the framework, you can read our OKR guide online.

Building your own Facilitator OKRs with AI

While we have some examples available, it's likely that you'll have specific scenarios that aren't covered here. You can use our free AI generator below or our more complete goal-setting system to generate your own OKRs.

Feel free to explore our tools:

Our customisable Facilitator OKRs examples

We've added many examples of Facilitator Objectives and Key Results, but we did not stop there. Understanding the difference between OKRs and projects is important, so we also added examples of strategic initiatives that relate to the OKRs.

Hope you'll find this helpful!

1OKRs to launch data-centric beta marketplace

  • ObjectiveLaunch data-centric beta marketplace
  • Key ResultSecure 20+ varied data products and services for marketplace launch
  • TaskDevelop and conduct a robust security review before launch
  • TaskIdentify and list potential data products and services for marketplace availability
  • TaskInitiate partnerships or contracts with selected data product providers
  • Key ResultCreate and deliver 5 skills building programs for marketplace users
  • TaskDevelop detailed curriculum for each program
  • TaskSchedule and facilitate skill-building sessions
  • TaskIdentify required skills for marketplace users
  • Key ResultFinalize and test platform features, ensuring 98% operational uptime
  • TaskConduct comprehensive testing of all platform features
  • TaskImplement necessary updates and fixes for identified issues
  • TaskMonitor and ensure 98% platform operational uptime

2OKRs to achieve full real-time transaction posting in the system

  • ObjectiveAchieve full real-time transaction posting in the system
  • Key ResultImplement necessary system improvements to secure 100% real-time transaction records by week 8
  • TaskEngage experts for system improvement implementation
  • TaskConduct testing to confirm real-time functionality
  • TaskIdentify system vulnerabilities affecting transaction recording
  • Key ResultDevelop a system protocol guaranteeing instant recording of 75% transactions by week 4
  • TaskImplement and test newly developed system by week 4
  • TaskDesign protocol for instant 75% transaction recording
  • TaskIdentify essential transactions requiring instant recording
  • Key ResultTrain the entire team on real-time transaction posting, ensuring 90% accuracy by week 6
  • TaskSet up training on real-time transaction posting for the entire team
  • TaskRegularly check and evaluate team progress and accuracy
  • TaskImplement corrective measures to achieve 90% accuracy by week 6

3OKRs to minimize inaccuracies in journal entries

  • ObjectiveMinimize inaccuracies in journal entries
  • Key ResultReduce individual journal entry errors by 25% through improved software use
  • TaskRegularly update and maintain the software system
  • TaskImplement an advanced accounting software program
  • TaskProvide software training to all journal entry staff
  • Key ResultImplement a detailed training program for staff on correct journal entry procedure
  • TaskIdentify necessary components for successful journal entry
  • TaskCreate comprehensive training materials
  • TaskSchedule and conduct training sessions
  • Key ResultIntroduce a double-checking system reducing entry errors by 40%
  • TaskTrain staff on new double-checking procedures
  • TaskMonitor and measure error reduction periodically
  • TaskCreate a standardized double-entry system protocol

4OKRs to deploy Productiv SaaS for optimal application management

  • ObjectiveDeploy Productiv SaaS for optimal application management
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of IT staff efficiently on Productiv SaaS application management tools
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive, effective training program
  • TaskSchedule and conduct training sessions for IT staff
  • TaskIdentify key features of Productiv SaaS for training material
  • Key ResultIdentify and onboard 100% of necessary applications into Productiv SaaS within a quarter
  • TaskImplement gradual onboarding phase for each application
  • TaskCatalog all necessary applications for full Productiv SaaS integration
  • TaskTrain team on Productiv SaaS onboarding process
  • Key ResultReduce shadow IT instances by 50% using Productiv management tools
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate reduction in shadow IT instances
  • TaskImplement Productiv management tools across all IT systems
  • TaskConduct training on Productiv for all IT staff

5OKRs to seamlessly integrate values into community functions and relationships

  • ObjectiveSeamlessly integrate values into community functions and relationships
  • Key ResultConduct 3 workshops on values-based relationship-building for community members
  • TaskIdentify suitable topics for values-based relationship-building workshops
  • TaskArrange Spaces and logistics for conducting the workshops
  • TaskInvite community members to participate in the workshops
  • Key ResultIntegrate our values into 5 core community functions by implementing new strategies
  • TaskIdentify five core community functions for value integration
  • TaskDevelop strategy plans that embody company values
  • TaskImplement newly developed strategies into community functions
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on understanding and application of values in community surveys
  • TaskImplement feedback to improve value understanding and application
  • TaskRegularly survey community members for feedback
  • TaskProvide consistent training on community values to members

6OKRs to boost employee awareness and risk perception

  • ObjectiveBoost employee awareness and risk perception
  • Key ResultReduce risk-related incidents by 25% through implementing preventative measures
  • TaskConduct regular training sessions to educate staff on risk prevention measures
  • TaskIdentify potential risk factors and root causes in existing operations
  • TaskDevelop and implement a comprehensive risk prevention plan
  • Key ResultLaunch a company-wide risk awareness training program with 90% staff completion
  • TaskDesign content for company-wide risk awareness training program
  • TaskDevise a plan to engage and incentivize 90% staff participation
  • TaskImplement tracking system to monitor employee training completion rates
  • Key ResultIncrease employee survey scores related to risk perception by 20%
  • TaskConduct workshops on risk management and its benefits
  • TaskInvolve employees in risk decision processes
  • TaskImplement a robust risk reporting system

7OKRs to enhance policy analysis acumen for agriculture and nature concerns

  • ObjectiveEnhance policy analysis acumen for agriculture and nature concerns
  • Key ResultInitiate and lead two workshops focusing on nature and agriculture policy discussions
  • TaskPlan detailed itineraries for both workshops
  • TaskSelect two topics of interest in nature and agriculture policies
  • TaskInvite knowledgeable speakers and inform participants
  • Key ResultAnalyze and write reviews on 10 different existing policies affecting agriculture and nature
  • TaskWrite comprehensive reviews for each policy
  • TaskAnalyze chosen policies’ impact on agriculture and nature
  • TaskSelect 10 agriculture/nature-related policies for review
  • Key ResultComplete four relevant rigorous courses on policy analysis by quarter-end
  • TaskEnroll in the chosen policy analysis courses
  • TaskIdentify four relevant courses on policy analysis
  • TaskComplete, engage, and pass all courses

8OKRs to enhance the verification process of paraprofessional claims

  • ObjectiveEnhance the verification process of paraprofessional claims
  • Key ResultImplement a quarterly training for the team on claim verification procedures
  • TaskSend invites to team members for training sessions
  • TaskSchedule experts to facilitate each training session
  • TaskIdentify relevant topics for the claim verification training
  • Key ResultDevelop a checklist for authenticating every claim
  • TaskImplement and test checklist for effectiveness
  • TaskDraft a checklist incorporating the criteria
  • TaskIdentify necessary criteria to authenticate a claim
  • Key ResultReduce claim verification errors by 20%
  • TaskImplement additional training for claim processing staff
  • TaskImprove claim verification software
  • TaskRegularly review and update verification protocols

9OKRs to enhance stakeholders' proficiency in project estimation

  • ObjectiveEnhance stakeholders' proficiency in project estimation
  • Key ResultDevelop and distribute a comprehensive project estimation handbook
  • TaskPlan and execute distribution strategy for the handbook
  • TaskWrite, edit, and finalize the comprehensive handbook
  • TaskOutline key components of project estimation for the handbook
  • Key ResultImplement a project estimation tool boosting efficiency by 30%
  • TaskMonitor and measure tool's impact on project efficiency
  • TaskTrain team members in using the chosen tool efficiently
  • TaskResearch and select a project estimation tool suitable for our needs
  • Key ResultExecute 4 workshops on advanced project estimation techniques
  • TaskPrepare materials and resources for the four workshops
  • TaskArrange logistics and advertise the workshops for signups
  • TaskIdentify experts to facilitate the estimation techniques workshops

10OKRs to boost employees' understanding of corporate culture and core values

  • ObjectiveBoost employees' understanding of corporate culture and core values
  • Key ResultConduct three engaging workshops on firm's culture and values
  • TaskOrganize appropriate logistics and facilities for the workshops
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive, engaging content for each workshop
  • TaskChoose relevant subjects pertaining to firm's culture and values
  • Key ResultImplement a quarterly recognition program based on core values engagement
  • TaskDevelop criteria for recognising value engagement
  • TaskCreate a reward distribution plan for recognised employees
  • TaskIdentify and define company's core values clearly
  • Key ResultMeasure a 15% increase in correct answers on our cultural awareness quiz
  • TaskEvaluate and compare new quiz results
  • TaskImplement cultural awareness training sessions
  • TaskEstablish baseline data from current quiz results

11OKRs to improve employee engagement in OKR setting process

  • ObjectiveImprove employee engagement in OKR setting process
  • Key ResultConduct at least 2 interactive workshops on OKR understanding and significance
  • TaskIdentify suitable speakers/experts for OKR workshops
  • TaskDevelop workshop content based on OKR principles
  • TaskPlan and schedule two interactive OKR workshops
  • Key ResultSurvey employees to improve OKR process, aiming for 20% more positive feedback
  • TaskDistribute the survey to all employees via email
  • TaskAnalyze responses and implement changes based on feedback
  • TaskDesign an anonymous survey focused on OKR process improvement
  • Key ResultIncrease employee participation in OKR setting by 30% through incentivizing contribution
  • TaskImplement an incentive program for employees contributing to OKR setting
  • TaskIncrease communication about the significance of employees' role in OKR setting
  • TaskProvide training sessions on the benefits of OKR participation

12OKRs to enhance and promote collaboration within the new team

  • ObjectiveEnhance and promote collaboration within the new team
  • Key ResultImplement a weekly round-table discussion to share ideas and progress
  • TaskDevelop a structured agenda for idea sharing
  • TaskCreate a recurring weekly meeting schedule for discussions
  • TaskAssign a meeting facilitator to track progress
  • Key ResultConduct at least 4 productive team-building activities
  • TaskPlan and schedule 4 different team activities
  • TaskResearch various team-building activities suitable for the team
  • TaskOrganize necessary materials and resources
  • Key ResultIncrease project workflow transparency by 30% through a shared online platform
  • TaskImplement a shared online project management platform
  • TaskRegularly update each project's status on the platform
  • TaskTrain team on using the new platform effectively

13OKRs to enhance security measures to mitigate OTP attacks

  • ObjectiveEnhance security measures to mitigate OTP attacks
  • Key ResultReduce unauthorized access attempts by 50% through enhanced account lockout mechanisms
  • Key ResultIncrease employee awareness and adherence to security protocols through regular training sessions
  • TaskConduct bi-weekly security training sessions for all employees
  • TaskOffer incentives or rewards for employees who consistently demonstrate adherence to security protocols
  • TaskProvide employees with updated written materials outlining security protocols
  • TaskUtilize interactive training methods, such as quizzes or simulations, to engage employees
  • Key ResultImprove OTP delivery and verification mechanisms to ensure prompt and secure delivery
  • Key ResultImplement multi-factor authentication for all critical systems and user accounts
  • TaskSelect and implement a reliable and user-friendly multi-factor authentication solution
  • TaskRegularly monitor and review multi-factor authentication logs and make necessary enhancements
  • TaskNotify all users of the upcoming implementation and provide necessary training and guidelines
  • TaskConduct a thorough inventory of all critical systems and user accounts

14OKRs to foster higher productivity through effective team collaboration

  • ObjectiveFoster higher productivity through effective team collaboration
  • Key ResultIncrease project completion rate by 20%
  • TaskIncrease support and training for project management skills
  • TaskImprove resource allocation for ongoing projects
  • TaskImplement stricter project deadlines and monitoring processes
  • Key ResultEnhance inter-departmental projects success rate by 15%
  • TaskAssign a project coordinator to oversee cross-department collaborations
  • TaskIntroduce shared project management software
  • TaskDevelop inter-departmental communication training for all team members
  • Key ResultReduce team conflict incidents by 25%
  • TaskEstablish clear team roles and responsibilities
  • TaskFacilitate communication skills training sessions for all team members
  • TaskImplement regular team-building activities and exercises

15OKRs to support CEO in executing strategic initiatives and tracking progress

  • ObjectiveEnhance CEO's support for executing the company's strategic initiatives
  • Key ResultConduct regular progress reports and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Key ResultCollaborate with CEO to ensure high-quality strategic execution
  • Key ResultImprove CEO's communication with cross-functional teams
  • Key ResultDevelop a tracking system for CEO's strategic initiatives

Facilitator OKR best practices to boost success

Generally speaking, your objectives should be ambitious yet achievable, and your key results should be measurable and time-bound (using the SMART framework can be helpful). It is also recommended to list strategic initiatives under your key results, as it'll help you avoid the common mistake of listing projects in your KRs.

Here are a couple of best practices extracted from our OKR implementation guide 👇

Tip #1: Limit the number of key results

Focus can only be achieve by limiting the number of competing priorities. It is crucial that you take the time to identify where you need to move the needle, and avoid adding business-as-usual activities to your OKRs.

We recommend having 3-4 objectives, and 3-4 key results per objective. A platform like Tability can run audits on your data to help you identify the plans that have too many goals.

Tability Insights DashboardTability's audit dashboard will highlight opportunities to improve OKRs

Tip #2: Commit to weekly OKR check-ins

Having good goals is only half the effort. You'll get significant more value from your OKRs if you commit to a weekly check-in process.

Being able to see trends for your key results will also keep yourself honest.

Tability Insights DashboardTability's check-ins will save you hours and increase transparency

Tip #3: No more than 2 yellow statuses in a row

Yes, this is another tip for goal-tracking instead of goal-setting (but you'll get plenty of OKR examples above). But, once you have your goals defined, it will be your ability to keep the right sense of urgency that will make the difference.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid having more than 2 yellow/at risk statuses in a row.

Make a call on the 3rd update. You should be either back on track, or off track. This sounds harsh but it's the best way to signal risks early enough to fix things.

How to turn your Facilitator OKRs in a strategy map

Your quarterly OKRs should be tracked weekly in order to get all the benefits of the OKRs framework. Reviewing progress periodically has several advantages:

  • It brings the goals back to the top of the mind
  • It will highlight poorly set OKRs
  • It will surface execution risks
  • It improves transparency and accountability

Most teams should start with a spreadsheet if they're using OKRs for the first time. Then, once you get comfortable you can graduate to a proper OKRs-tracking tool.

A strategy map in TabilityTability's Strategy Map makes it easy to see all your org's OKRs

If you're not yet set on a tool, you can check out the 5 best OKR tracking templates guide to find the best way to monitor progress during the quarter.

More Facilitator OKR templates

We have more templates to help you draft your team goals and OKRs.

OKRs resources

Here are a list of resources to help you adopt the Objectives and Key Results framework.

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