OKR template to seamlessly integrate values into community functions and relationships

public-lib · Published 7 days ago

This OKR outlines the goal to seamlessly integrate values into community functions and relationships. It includes conducting three workshops for community members on values-based relationship-building. The initiatives include identifying workshops topics, arranging spaces and logistics, and inviting community members.

The next step is to integrate the organization's values into five core community functions. This will be achieved by developing strategies that incorporate these values, identifying relevant functions, and implementing these newly devised strategies.

The objective also seeks to have a 90% positive feedback rate on understanding and application of the values based on community surveys. This involves creating avenues for regular feedback, learning and enhancing value application.

In summary, the OKR seeks to drive a deeper understanding and application of the organization's values among community members. This is achieved by integrating values into the core community functions, conducting workshops, obtaining feedback and continuous training process.
  • ObjectiveSeamlessly integrate values into community functions and relationships
  • Key ResultConduct 3 workshops on values-based relationship-building for community members
  • TaskIdentify suitable topics for values-based relationship-building workshops
  • TaskArrange Spaces and logistics for conducting the workshops
  • TaskInvite community members to participate in the workshops
  • Key ResultIntegrate our values into 5 core community functions by implementing new strategies
  • TaskIdentify five core community functions for value integration
  • TaskDevelop strategy plans that embody company values
  • TaskImplement newly developed strategies into community functions
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on understanding and application of values in community surveys
  • TaskImplement feedback to improve value understanding and application
  • TaskRegularly survey community members for feedback
  • TaskProvide consistent training on community values to members
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