OKR template to boost average podcast episode downloads on Libsyn to 1000

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR title, "Boost average podcast episode downloads on Libsyn to 1000" centers on raising the rate of podcast downloads. To achieve this, one plan is to increase the frequency of episode releases by 20%. The strategies to implement this outcome include the allocation of additional resources for content creation and editing; identifying opportunities for timeline optimization and incorporating a more efficient content scheduling system.

An important objective of this OKR is to improve listener engagement by a significant 25% which can be achieved through optimizing episode metadata. This goal entails careful tracking of changes in listener engagement metrics. It also involves the use of SEO keywords in episode descriptions and a detailed analysis of the current metadata to identify trends and areas that need improvements.

In order to promote the podcast and achieve increased downloads, securing at least five guest appearances on podcasts of similar genres is part of this OKR's objectives. This target requires an affirmative follow up on pitches and confirmed appearances. The approach includes cleverly crafted, personalized pitches to request guest appearances, and identification of podcasts that align with the podcast's genre and audience demographic.

In summary, this OKR is designed to attain a thousand average podcast downloads on Libsyn by increasing episode release frequency, enhancing episode metadata to improve listener engagement and capitalizing on promotional opportunities through securing guest appearances on other podcasts.
  • ObjectiveBoost average podcast episode downloads on Libsyn to 1000
  • Key ResultIncrease episode release frequency by 20%
  • TaskAllocate additional resources to content creation and editing
  • TaskEvaluate current production timeline and identify opportunities for optimization
  • TaskImplement a more efficient content scheduling system
  • Key ResultAchieve a 25% improvement in listener engagement through optimized episode metadata
  • TaskTrack changes in listener engagement metrics
  • TaskImplement SEO keywords in episode descriptions
  • TaskAnalyze current metadata for trends and areas of improvement
  • Key ResultSecure at least 5 guest appearances on similar genre podcasts for promotional purposes
  • TaskFollow up on pitches and confirm appearances
  • TaskCraft personalized pitches to request guest appearances
  • TaskIdentify podcast shows that align with our genre and audience
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