OKR template to achieve quicker releases of the real estate application through automation

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR sets its sights upon the more efficient release of a real estate application through the implementation of automation. The main objective is to utilize automated tools and testing practices to lessen bugs by 30%. It includes educating the team about these practices and periodically enhancing the procedures.

The second aspect of the OKR calls for escalating the frequency of deployment by 50% via the optimization of the CI/CD pipeline. Performance monitoring will be implemented for continuous bettering and the current pipeline will be examined and simplified. Automated tests would be utilized to address bottleneck issues.

A third aspect alternatively focuses on minimizing downtime by 40% through the installation of an automated roll-back system. Appropriate software for the roll-back system would be bought and various platforms offering such systems would be examined. Personnel would be trained on its functioning and protocols.

The outcomes of the above goals range from 0.0 to 100.0 on a scoring format of _number_%. In all, it aims to expedite product releases, enhance the quality of the real estate application, and make the development process smoother with reduced downtime.
  • ObjectiveAchieve quicker releases of the real estate application through automation
  • Key ResultReduce bugs by 30% using automated testing tools and practices
  • TaskTrain the team on effective automated testing practices
  • TaskRegularly review and improve testing procedures
  • TaskImplement automated testing tools in the development process
  • Key ResultIncrease deployment frequency by 50% by optimizing the CI/CD pipeline
  • TaskImplement performance monitoring for continuous optimization
  • TaskReview and streamline the existing CI/CD pipeline
  • TaskAutomate tests to reduce bottleneck issues
  • Key ResultImplement an automated roll-back system to minimize downtime by 40%
  • TaskSelect and purchase appropriate roll-back system software
  • TaskResearch available automated roll-back system platforms
  • TaskTrain staff on roll-back system operations and procedures
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