OKR template to master cloud services architecture: argocd, kubernates, istio, terraform

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The OKR seeks mastery in cloud services architecture, focusing on argocd, kubernates, istio, and terraform technologies. The first objective, to create and deliver an informative presentation on these technologies' applications, includes initiatives like practicing the presentation, preparing extensive slides, and researching real-world examples.

Secondly, the OKR involves obtaining specific certifications within a specified timeframe, particularly in Kubernetes and ArgoCD. This would be achieved through dedicated study hours, scheduling for certification exams, and enrollment in relevant courses.

The third aspect focuses on practical application - the successful deployment of three projects using Istio and Terraform by the close of the quarter. The initiatives under this objective involve developing a robust deployment strategy, identifying project requirements and scope, and effectively executing the deployment plan.

Overall, this OKR aims to foster a thorough understanding and proficiency in cloud services architecture, achieved through theoretical learning, certification, and hands-on experience with deployment of the technologies.
  • ObjectiveMaster cloud services architecture: argocd, kubernates, istio, terraform
  • Key ResultDeliver a presentation on the learnings and real-world application of these technologies
  • TaskPractice the presentation for clear and engaging delivery
  • TaskPrepare comprehensive slides to explain key technology learnings
  • TaskResearch real-world application examples of these technologies
  • Key ResultObtain certification in Kubernetes and ArgoCD within the agreed time frame
  • TaskDedicate specific hours each week for course work and study
  • TaskSchedule and complete certification exams before the deadline
  • TaskResearch and enroll in a reputable Kubernetes and ArgoCD certification course
  • Key ResultSuccessfully deploy 3 projects using Istio and Terraform by quarter end
  • TaskDevelop a deployment strategy using Istio and Terraform
  • TaskIdentify the requirements and scope for each of the 3 projects
  • TaskExecute deployment plan, monitor progress, and troubleshoot any issues
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