OKR template to externalize authorization models from monolith

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR focuses on transferring the authorization models from a monolith to an external component. The first objective is to identify and list all these models by the end of week 2. This involves finalizing and submitting the list, researching the different types of models, and then cataloging each model identified.

The next outcome is to transfer 90% of the models to the external component by week 10. To accomplish this, initiatives such as mapping current models to the external component, developing a detailed migration plan, and executing the migration while verifying its success rate are outlined.

The final objective is designing and developing a separate external component for the models within the first six weeks. Identification of necessary features for the component, designing its prototype, and developing and testing it are the set initiatives to achieve this objective.

Essentially, the OKR aims to externalize and migrate a significant portion of the authorization models from a monolithic system to an external component. This process involves identification, cataloging, designing, and developing a separate component for the models.
  • ObjectiveExternalize authorization models from monolith
  • Key ResultIdentify and list all authorization models by Week 2
  • TaskFinalize and submit the list by Week 2
  • TaskResearch various types of authorization models
  • TaskCatalogue each identified authorization model in a list
  • Key ResultSuccessfully migrate at least 90% of authorization models to the external component by Week 10
  • TaskMap current authorization models to the external component
  • TaskDevelop a detailed migration plan
  • TaskExecute migration and verify success rate
  • Key ResultDesign and develop a separate external component for authorization models by Week 6
  • TaskIdentify necessary features for authorization component
  • TaskDesign a prototype of the authorization component
  • TaskDevelop and test the authorization component
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