OKR template to launch a high growth and profitable tech startup

public-lib · Published 7 months ago

The OKR primarily aims to launch a high-growth, profitable tech startup. The first goal centers around developing a tested and approved minimum viable product (MVP) talking to at least 25 participants. This involves drawing key features, creating a prototype, testing it with a focus group, and making adjustments based on feedback.

Secondly, securing funding worth $1M from reliable investors has been prioritized. To meet this objective, identified initiatives entail scheduling persuasive pitch meetings with potential investors, developing a compelling business proposal hinting at the profitability of the investment, and surveying the market for potential investors.

Another objective under this OKR is to build a tight-knit team of five professionals well-versed with key operations. Initiatives to meet this goal comprise identifying required skills for key operations team roles, scouting potential candidates through networking/recruiting, and conducting interviews to choose final team members.

In all, this OKR intends to launch a tech startup that not only enjoys high growth and substantial profits but also has a well-functioning team operating with secure funding and a foolproof product on board.
  • ObjectiveLaunch a high growth and profitable tech startup
  • Key ResultDevelop a minimum viable product, tested and approved by a focus group of 25 participants
  • TaskCreate and test the product with focus group
  • TaskImplement changes based on feedback
  • TaskIdentify key features for the minimum viable product
  • Key ResultSecure funding worth at least $1M from reliable investors
  • TaskSchedule and conduct persuasive pitch meetings with investors
  • TaskDevelop a compelling business proposal showcasing ROI
  • TaskResearch and create a list of potential reliable investors
  • Key ResultAssemble a cohesive team of 5 skilled professionals for key operations
  • TaskIdentify required skills for key operations team roles
  • TaskSource potential candidates through networking or recruiting
  • TaskConduct interviews and select final team members
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