OKR template to launch a viable startup in the tech industry

public-lib · Published 7 months ago

The primary goal of this OKR is to launch a viable startup in the tech industry. The first step would involve building a professional core team consisting of a mix of talents from tech, marketing, and operational backgrounds. This would involve identifying the specific skills required, interviewing potential candidates, and advertising job vacancies on related platforms.

The next major objective would be finalizing a comprehensive business plan that includes detailed financial projections. This task involves not only refining the existing business model but developing an in-depth profit and loss projection as well. Additionally, the market research would be incorporated into the planning process to reinforce the strategies.

Fundraising is a crucial part of the startup launch, therefore, securing investment from at least three different initial capital sources is also contained within these objectives. To achieve this, researching and identifying potential investors is essential, followed by pitching the business idea to them.

Creating a compelling business plan is also stated as an initiative, as it brings the other targets together by providing a clear direction and details about the startup's plans, financial projections, and team requirements to the potential investors.
  • ObjectiveLaunch a viable startup in the tech industry
  • Key ResultHire a core team of five professionals in tech, marketing, and operations
  • TaskIdentify required skills and experience for each job role
  • TaskSchedule and conduct potential candidate interviews
  • TaskPost job vacancies on suitable recruitment platforms
  • Key ResultFinalize business plan with a detailed financial projection
  • TaskReview and refine existing business model assumptions
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive profit and loss projections
  • TaskIncorporate relevant market research into the plan
  • Key ResultSecure investment from at least three different sources for initial capital
  • TaskResearch and identify potential investors
  • TaskConduct pitching sessions to these investors
  • TaskCreate a compelling business plan
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