OKR template to increase in-app purchases by 15%

Tability Templates · Published 11 months ago

In order to improve our revenue and ensure sustainable growth, our objective is to increase in-app purchases by 15%. This will require a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences, and a focus on providing personalized and relevant offerings. We will also need to optimize our pricing strategies and ensure that our purchase process is seamless and easy to use. Ultimately, our goal is to build stronger and more profitable relationships with our customers, while enhancing the overall user experience.
  • ObjectiveBoost in-app purchases
  • Key ResultImplement personalized recommendations to increase add-to-cart rate by 20%
  • Key ResultA/B test different pricing strategies to increase revenue per purchase by 15%
  • Key ResultIncrease conversion rate on product page to 30%
  • Key ResultIncrease retention rate by 10% through targeted email campaigns
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