OKR template to enhance IT infrastructure and optimize helpdesk processes for improved efficiency

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This OKR aims to enhance IT infrastructure and optimize helpdesk processes to improve overall service efficiency. This will be achieved through an increase in automation, consistent customer feedback analysis, and a focus on staff training. With these initiatives in place, customer satisfaction and system availability are expected to rise, while resolution times decrease.

Customer feedback and satisfaction will play a significant role in shaping the helpdesk process by determining the necessary self-service options. Through continuous monitoring and needs assessment, self-service functionalities can be expanded and enhanced, aiming to boost customer satisfaction by 15%.

Emphasizing IT Security is another objective of this OKR. Through regular audits, consistent follow-ups on non-compliance issues, and continuous employee training, IT security protocol compliance is projected to reach at least 90%. This will not only strengthen the security framework but also contribute to a more efficient IT operation.

Lastly, investing in infrastructure upgrades and proactive maintenance is set to increase system availability by 10%. A thorough infrastructure assessment will help identify areas of potential upgrades, while a proactive maintenance plan will prevent system failures, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service.
  • ObjectiveEnhance IT infrastructure and optimize helpdesk processes for improved efficiency
  • Key ResultIncrease customer satisfaction rating by 15% by implementing enhanced self-service options
  • TaskMonitor customer satisfaction rating to measure the impact of enhanced self-service options
  • TaskConduct customer research to gather feedback and identify desired self-service features
  • TaskImplement new self-service features based on customer feedback and identified areas of improvement
  • TaskEvaluate current self-service options and identify potential areas of improvement
  • Key ResultAchieve at least 90% compliance with IT security protocols through regular audits and training
  • TaskConduct quarterly audits to assess compliance with IT security protocols
  • TaskAddress any identified non-compliance issues promptly and provide appropriate corrective actions
  • TaskProvide continuous monitoring and feedback to ensure adherence to IT security protocols
  • TaskDevelop and implement regular training programs to educate employees on IT security protocols
  • Key ResultReduce average resolution time by 20% through streamlined helpdesk workflows
  • TaskAnalyze helpdesk data and identify bottlenecks to optimize and streamline workflows for faster resolution
  • TaskConduct regular training sessions for helpdesk staff to improve technical skills and efficiency
  • TaskImplement automated ticket routing system to assign tickets to appropriate support agents
  • TaskDevelop standardized troubleshooting guides and knowledge base articles for common issues
  • Key ResultImprove system availability by 10% through infrastructure upgrades and proactive maintenance
  • TaskDevelop and implement a proactive maintenance plan to prevent potential system failures
  • TaskImplement necessary infrastructure upgrades based on the assessment findings
  • TaskMonitor and analyze system performance regularly to identify any potential issues in advance
  • TaskConduct a thorough infrastructure assessment to identify potential areas for upgrade
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