OKR template to revamp and Enhance the Candidate Pre-Hire Experience

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This OKR is focused on improving the pre-hire experience for job candidates. The first objective is to step up communication with candidates, aiming for a goal of 90% satisfaction rate. This involves immediate responses to inquiries, providing weekly updates regarding their applications, and establishing a regular feedback mechanism for applicants.

The second objective deals with introducing a standard yet personalized digital interview experience to 80% of the candidates. In order to achieve this, research will be conducted to identify the relevant platforms and tools needed. Furthermore, it includes the training of HR staff on these platforms, and conducting several test interviews.

The third objective is to streamline the recruitment process with a clear aim of reducing the time-to-hire by 30%. This will require conducting initial interviews within one week of receiving applications, implementing a comprehensive applicant tracking system, and revising job descriptions for clarity and relevance.

The overall aim of the OKR is to revamp and enhance the whole pre-hire experience for candidates, resulting in increased satisfaction, efficiency, and transparency from application submission up to the interview process.
  • ObjectiveRevamp and Enhance the Candidate Pre-Hire Experience
  • Key ResultIncrease candidate satisfaction rate to 90% with proactive communication and feedback mechanism
  • TaskProvide immediate response to candidate inquiries
  • TaskImplement weekly update emails to candidates about their application
  • TaskEstablish a regular feedback mechanism for candidates
  • Key ResultImplement a standardized yet personalized digital interview experience for 80% of candidates
  • TaskIdentify tools for customizable digital interviews
  • TaskTrain HR staff in utilizing interview technology
  • TaskSample test interviews with volunteers
  • Key ResultReduce time-to-hire by 30% through streamlining recruitment processes
  • TaskConduct initial interviews within a week of application
  • TaskImplement a comprehensive applicant tracking system
  • TaskRevise job descriptions for clarity and relevance
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