OKR template to establish and launch an AI team for OTA operations

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The OKR revolves around creating and propelling an AI team for OTA operations. The primary focus lies on recruitment of competent personnel for the team. It emphasizes the necessity to hire 5 professionals skilled in AI within the quarter, with strategies outlined like targeted job postings, interviews and skill assessments, and outlining required qualifications.

The second part of objectives involves demonstrating a pilot version of the AI solution to the stakeholders. It predicates the need for preparing a comprehensive presentation of the AI capabilities along with arranging a demo meeting. Subsequently, feedback is sought for improvement and upgrades.

The third objective opens up the scope for the AI team to work on AI projects relevant to the OTA industry. It necessitates proposal of a pertinent and feasible AI project, and initiation of its planning and development. Additionally, it stresses upon the identification of areas where AI implementation could boost OTA operations.

Lastly, each of the delineated outcomes is evaluated based on a 0-100% scale, providing a clear, quantifiable perspective on the progress and degree of completion. Achieving a 100.0 score signifies successful accomplishment of the objective.
  • ObjectiveEstablish and launch an AI team for OTA operations
  • Key ResultRecruit 5 skilled AI professionals by the end of the quarter
  • TaskPost targeted job listings across tech industry platforms
  • TaskConduct rigorous interviews and skill assessments
  • TaskOutline specific qualifications necessary in ideal candidates
  • Key ResultDemo a pilot version of the AI solution to stakeholders
  • TaskArrange a demo meeting with all key stakeholders
  • TaskPrepare a comprehensive presentation of the AI solution's capabilities
  • TaskCollect and analyze feedback post-demonstration
  • Key ResultIdentify and initiate at least 1 AI project relevant to OTA industry
  • TaskPropose a relevant, feasible AI project
  • TaskStart initial project planning and development
  • TaskIdentify areas where AI could improve OTA industry operations
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