OKR template to establish a proficient AI team with skilled ML engineers and product manager

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The primary aim of this OKR is to establish a proficient AI team with competent ML (machine learning) engineers and a skilled product manager. It outlines specific goals and steps to achieve this. The initial objective is the recruitment of an AI product manager who has prior, proven experience.

This is to be done by reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn, posting on AI-focused job platforms, and creating a compelling job description. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of integrating new employees within the team through an effective onboarding program. This involves team building activities, development of an orientation package, and assigning mentors to guide newcomers.

The final point to note is the hiring of five qualified ML engineers. The OKR outlines strategies such as conducting interviews and evaluating candidates against set benchmarks, promoting vacancies on recruitment platforms including LinkedIn, and drafting detailed job descriptions for the roles.

In essence, this OKR is primarily focused on growing and optimizing the AI team by ensuring the recruitment of an experienced AI product manager and onboarding five qualified ML engineers, all while effectively integrating them into the existing team through an organized onboarding program.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a proficient AI team with skilled ML engineers and product manager
  • Key ResultRecruit an experienced AI product manager with a proven track record
  • TaskReach out to AI professionals on LinkedIn
  • TaskPost the job ad on AI and tech-focused job boards
  • TaskDraft a compelling job description for the AI product manager role
  • Key ResultConduct an effective onboarding program to integrate new hires into the team
  • TaskArrange team building activities to promote camaraderie
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive orientation package for new hires
  • TaskAssign mentors to guide newcomers in their roles
  • Key ResultInterview and hire 5 qualified Machine Learning engineers
  • TaskConduct interviews and evaluate candidates based on benchmarks
  • TaskPromote job vacancies on recruitment platforms and LinkedIn
  • TaskDevelop detailed job descriptions for Machine Learning engineer positions
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