OKR template to validate AI's fit for automating HR processes

public-lib · Published 8 months ago

This OKR aims to validate the suitability of AI for automating HR processes. The first objective is to conduct 20 stakeholder interviews to identify current HR process challenges. The initiatives for achieving this objective include preparing an interview guideline, identifying and listing the stakeholders, and conducting the interviews.

The second objective involves collecting and analyzing feedback from 100 potential end-users to gauge their acceptance of the AI solution. This will be accomplished by analyzing the feedback for trends, drafting and distributing a user feedback survey, and gathering received feedback.

The third objective is to test the AI solution on five HR tasks and aim for an efficiency improvement of 80%. The initiatives to reach this goal include identifying and selecting the HR tasks for AI implementation, implementing the AI solution, and evaluating and recording the efficiency improvement.

Overall, this OKR is intended to provide an informed assessment of AI's applicability in optimizing HR processes. By engaging stakeholders and potential end-users, and practically testing the AI solution, a comprehensive validation can be achieved.
  • ObjectiveValidate AI's fit for automating HR processes
  • Key ResultConduct 20 stakeholder interviews to identify current HR process challenges
  • TaskPrepare an interview guideline highlighting HR process issues
  • TaskIdentify and list 20 key stakeholders for interviews
  • TaskConduct the 20 stakeholder interviews
  • Key ResultCollect and analyze feedback from 100 potential end-users to gauge AI solution acceptance
  • TaskAnalyze the collected feedback for user acceptability trends
  • TaskDraft and distribute a user feedback survey on the AI solution
  • TaskGather received feedback from the 100 potential end-users
  • Key ResultTest AI solution on 5 HR tasks, and achieve 80% efficiency improvement
  • TaskIdentify and select 5 HR tasks for AI implementation
  • TaskImplement AI solution on selected tasks
  • TaskEvaluate and record efficiency improvement
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