OKR template to engage with customers on their most requested features

public-lib · Published 8 days ago

This OKR titled "Engage with customers on their most requested features" sets out to achieve goals like documenting all feature requests, developing an effective feedback mechanism, and scheduling meetings with different customers. The objective is to create a comprehensive list of collected feature requests, meticulously categorized by their relative importance. This precisely documented file forms the basis for further information and better understanding of what the customers are demanding.

Creating a mechanism for post-meeting feedback is another major goal. This involves the action plan of analyzing feedback data collected from the customers to improve the interaction and engagement. Designing a customer-centric survey, focusing on their feedback post-meeting, is an important initiative. This survey is expected to bring out insights on the effectiveness of the current engagement strategies and areas that need improvement.

The OKR also targets the implementation of a follow-up email system for survey distribution to ensure continued customer engagement. It emphasizes the need to keep in touch with the customers even after meeting schedules, to assess the effectiveness of meetings and customer responses to the suggested solutions or changes.

Lastly, the OKR implies that meetings with at least 25 unique customers need to be scheduled. This gathering diverse feedback to improve and cater to a broad spectrum of customer demands. This clause, however, lacks any specific initiatives, which implies that the ways to achieve this goal are open to the implementation team's interpretation and methods.
  • ObjectiveEngage with customers on their most requested features
  • Key ResultDocument and categorize all discussed feature requests
  • TaskCompile a list of all discussed feature requests
  • TaskCategorize each feature request by importance
  • TaskDocument the categorized requests in a shared file
  • Key ResultDevelop a post-meeting feedback mechanism for continued customer engagement
  • TaskAnalyze feedback data for customer engagement improvements
  • TaskDesign a customer survey focusing on post-meeting feedback
  • TaskImplement a follow-up email system for survey distribution
  • Key ResultSchedule meetings with at least 25 unique customers
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