OKR template to drive stakeholder UX comprehension and increase customer engagement in decision-making

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The primary goal is to enhance stakeholders' understanding of User Experience (UX) and boost customer engagement in decision-making. This will be achieved by taking decisive steps such as implementing a decision-sharing platform that would facilitate a 30% increase in customer involvement in choice making. The other focus is initiating comprehensive training for staff members to effectively use the platform.

Furthering the interest in stakeholder UX comprehension, there's a plan to conduct five training sessions for stakeholders. These training sessions will be backed by post-training quizzes that will assess the knowledge gain. Topic areas for these sessions will be identified and a UX training curriculum will be created.

In order to track progress, there will be an effort to achieve a 10% advancement in survey scores that measure stakeholders' understanding of UX. Part of this will entail conducting a stakeholder-focused UX training session. Regular stakeholder UX feedback sessions will be scheduled, improving transparency in UX-related communications.

The final assertion will be the successful execution of the selected decision-sharing platform across the business. The chosen platform will be a result of careful research and selection. Meanwhile, continuous training and readiness programs will be carried out to ensure smooth deployment and adoption.
  • ObjectiveDrive stakeholder UX comprehension and increase customer engagement in decision-making
  • Key ResultIncrease customer decision participation by 30% through implantation of a decision-sharing platform
  • TaskResearch and select a suitable decision-sharing platform
  • TaskTrain staff to effectively utilize the platform
  • TaskImplement the chosen platform across the business
  • Key ResultConduct five UX training sessions for stakeholders and evaluate knowledge with post-training quizzes
  • TaskIdentify topic areas and develop a UX training curriculum
  • TaskImplement post-training quizzes to assess learning
  • TaskSchedule five training sessions for stakeholders
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% improvement in stakeholder UX understanding survey scores
  • TaskConduct a stakeholder-focused UX training session
  • TaskSchedule regular stakeholder UX feedback sessions
  • TaskImprove clarity in UX-related communications
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