OKR template to enhance accuracy of AI bot through quarterly FAQ updates

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The first objective is to enhance the accuracy of an AI bot by carrying out quarterly FAQ updates. A detailed review of the bot's functionality is scheduled by week 4, involving the preparation of a report, setting aside dedicated working hours to evaluate the bot and a compilation of existing documentation on the AI bot.

The second objective involves the identification of at least five inaccuracies or areas for improvement in the FAQ by the 8th week. This will be achieved by a careful review of the FAQ section for potential inaccuracies and noting down areas that could do with some enhancement.

The third objective is the correction of identified inaccuracies and implementation of improvements in the FAQ by the 12th week. The steps to achieve this include another review of current FAQs to identify inaccuracies, determining necessary changes and improvements, and implementing the changes by week 12.

By following these objectives and achieving the set outcomes, enhanced accuracy of the AI bot will presumably enhance customer service and resolving customer queries, accruing the benefit of earned customer trust and satisfaction.
  • ObjectiveEnhance accuracy of AI bot through quarterly FAQ updates
  • Key ResultConduct comprehensive review of AI bot functionality and output by Week 4
  • TaskPrepare a detailed review report before the end of Week 4
  • TaskSchedule designated working hours tostudy and evaluate AI bot output
  • TaskCompile existing documentation and reports on AI bot functionality
  • Key ResultIdentify and record at least five FAQ inaccuracies or improvements by Week 8
  • TaskReview FAQ section thoroughly for potential inaccuracies
  • TaskNote down potential areas for content improvement
  • TaskRecord and report identified inaccuracies by Week 8
  • Key ResultCorrect identified inaccuracies and implement improvements in FAQs by Week 12
  • TaskReview and identify inaccuracies in current FAQs
  • TaskDetermine necessary changes and create improvements
  • TaskImplement updates to FAQs by Week 12
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