OKR template to complete Windows 10 update on all DC PCs

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR targets the achievement of a complete Windows 10 update on all Desktop Computers (DC PCs). The aim is to fully update 100% of DC PCs to Windows 10 by the close of the quarter. This process involves steps like validating the successful installation of Windows 10, targeting any remaining non-updated PCs, and conducting a software audit to ensure complete installation.

By the end of the second month, the goal is to reach a 60% upgrade rate on these computers. This goal is supported by initiatives such as developing a step-by-step guide for the Windows 10 upgrade to aid the process. Additionally, technical support is made available during the upgrade process, and training sessions in relation to the Windows 10 upgrade are held.

The focus for the first month is to achieve at least a 30% update rate. This is made possible through the scheduling of the update process for identified PCs. Throughout the process, the upgrade completion is to be monitored to ensure its successful execution.

Overall, accurate identification of PCs for the Windows 10 upgrade is key. The meticulous monitoring and validation of the upgrade progress throughout the quarter form essential aspects of achieving this OKR.
  • ObjectiveComplete Windows 10 update on all DC PCs
  • Key ResultFully update 100% of DC PCs to Windows 10 by the end of the quarter
  • TaskValidate successful Windows 10 installation
  • TaskInstall Windows 10 on non-updated PCs
  • TaskConduct software audit on all DC PCs
  • Key ResultReach 60% upgrade rate on DC PCs to Windows 10 by end of second month
  • TaskDevelop an effective, step-by-step upgrade guide for Windows 10
  • TaskOffer technical support during the upgrade process
  • TaskConduct training sessions about the Windows 10 upgrade
  • Key ResultAchieve 30% of DC PC's Windows 10 update by end of first month
  • TaskSchedule update process for identified PCs
  • TaskMonitor and ensure successful upgrade completion
  • TaskIdentify PCs for Windows 10 upgrade
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