OKR template to reduce critical tech debt by 50% in six months

Tability Templates · Published 10 months ago

Our technical infrastructure is the foundation of our business operations, and as we continue to rapidly scale, it is imperative that we reduce our critical tech debt to optimize performance and stability. This OKR will focus on reducing our tech debt by 50% in the next six months through a comprehensive analysis and prioritization of areas for improvement, as well as implementing a plan to address them. By achieving this objective, we will ensure that our infrastructure can support our growth and ensure a superior customer experience.
  • ObjectiveMinimize tech debt
  • Key ResultDevelop a plan of action to address targeted tech debt items
  • Key ResultPrioritize critical tech debt items
  • Key ResultConduct a thorough tech debt analysis
  • Key ResultImplement new development standards to prevent tech debt accumulation
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