OKR template to enhance analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

public-lib · Published 23 days ago

This OKR focuses on improving analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. One objective involves tackling and resolving 10 complex business cases through analytic solutions. Resolution entails identifying the cases, applying problem-solving techniques, and thoroughly reviewing the solutions.

Another objective involves completing an online data analysis course with a 90% grade. To achieve this, it's suggested that a reputable data analysis course is selected, with dedication to two hours of daily study and regular assessments to track progress.

Furthermore, it includes an objective of imparting problem-solving knowledge to three co-workers to enhance their analytical capabilities. The initiatives for this objective are not mentioned, implying it's open to individual strategies for effective teaching.

The overall aim is to not only improve personal skills but also contribute to the team's problem-solving ability, thus making the team more efficient and self-reliant in handling complex business cases.
  • ObjectiveEnhance analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Key ResultSolve 10 complex business cases using analytical problem-solving methods
  • TaskReview and document the solutions derived for each case
  • TaskApply analytical problem-solving methods to each case
  • TaskIdentify the 10 complex business cases requiring resolution
  • Key ResultComplete an online course in data analysis by achieving 90% grade
  • TaskTake weekly assessments to monitor and improve progress
  • TaskDedicate 2 hours daily for consistent learning and practice
  • TaskSign up for a reputable online data analysis course
  • Key ResultTeach 3 co-workers problem-solving techniques enhancing team's analytical thinking ability
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