OKR template to identify high-potential startups for potential investment

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This OKR is focused on identifying startups with high potential for investment. The aim is to attend at least three startup pitch events to network and discover new ventures, with a focus on registering for events, preparing pitches and researching opportunities. Fostering connections and increasing visibility in the startup community is underscored as a key step.

The second objective within this OKR emphasizes the need for in-depth research into startups. This includes looking into at least 20 startups' business models for innovation and scalability, conducting thorough evaluations and narrowing down a list of prospects. Providing detailed reports on the findings is an integral part of this process.

The third section emphasizes the importance of due diligence in startup evaluation. This involves detailed investigation into the background and expertise of team members, financial performance, and market potential. Creating 10 comprehensive reports for chosen startups is considered imperative here.

The final objective involves establishing partnerships with at least two venture capitalists or angel investors. The goal is to share knowledge and potentially co-invest. This might involve reaching out to credible investors, scheduling meetings and agreements, and formalizing partnerships for mutual benefits.
  • ObjectiveIdentify high-potential startups for potential investment
  • Key ResultAttend or participate in a minimum of 3 startup pitch events to expand network and discover new opportunities
  • TaskRegister and RSVP for the chosen startup pitch events
  • TaskEngage with fellow entrepreneurs and exchange contact information for future collaboration
  • TaskPrepare a concise pitch to present at the startup pitch events
  • TaskResearch upcoming startup pitch events in the local area
  • Key ResultResearch and evaluate a minimum of 20 startups with innovative and scalable business models
  • TaskConduct thorough research on each startup's business model and scalability
  • TaskCreate a report summarizing the findings and key insights from the research
  • TaskCompile a list of 20 startups with innovative business models
  • TaskEvaluate the potential of each startup based on identified criteria
  • Key ResultConduct thorough due diligence on at least 10 startups, assessing financials, market potential, and team
  • TaskInvestigate the background and expertise of the team members in 10 startups
  • TaskSummarize the findings of due diligence in concise reports for each startup assessed
  • TaskResearch and analyze the financial statements of 10 startups for detailed assessment
  • TaskEvaluate the market potential of 10 startups through market analysis and potential growth opportunities
  • Key ResultEstablish partnerships with at least 2 trusted venture capitalists or angel investors for knowledge-sharing and potential co-investment opportunities
  • TaskReach out to the selected venture capitalists or angel investors to express interest in collaboration
  • TaskResearch and identify potential venture capitalists or angel investors with established credibility
  • TaskSet up meetings or calls with the identified partners to discuss knowledge-sharing and co-investment opportunities
  • TaskEstablish formal agreements and partnerships with the selected venture capitalists or angel investors
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