OKR template to enhance proficiency in DevOps with AWS

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on amplifying a professional's skill in DevOps with AWS. The intention is to attain the AWS certified DevOps engineer certification by passing the professional exam. This includes reviewing AWS DevOps course material, hands-on lab practices, and scheduling and taking the professional exam.

Secondly, the aim is to leverage AWS DevOps knowledge to troubleshoot and solve at least 10 complex issues. This involves implementing solutions, devising strategies using DevOps knowledge for problem-solving, and identifying ten complicated challenges within the AWS structure.

Thirdly, the goal is to successfully execute 5 DevOps projects utilizing AWS tools and services. This includes scheduling project execution timeline, training team on AWS tools and equipping them accordingly, and recognizing and prioritizing five suitable projects for a DevOps approach.

This OKR is critical for maintaining technical excellence in AWS and enhancing operational efficiency. It supports continuous learning, problem-solving capabilities, and successful project execution using DevOps approach with AWS.
  • ObjectiveEnhance proficiency in DevOps with AWS
  • Key ResultEarn AWS certified DevOps engineer certification by passing the professional exam
  • TaskReview course material for AWS DevOps engineer certification
  • TaskRegularly practice with AWS hands-on labs
  • TaskSchedule and take the professional exam
  • Key ResultTroubleshoot and resolve at least 10 complex problems using AWS DevOps knowledge
  • TaskImplement solutions and confirm each problem's resolution
  • TaskDevelop strategies using DevOps knowledge for troubleshooting each issue
  • TaskIdentify and categorize ten complex problems within the AWS framework
  • Key ResultSuccessfully implement 5 DevOps projects using AWS tools and services
  • TaskSchedule project execution timeline and delegate necessary tasks
  • TaskEquip team with training on AWS tools and services
  • TaskIdentify and prioritize 5 suitable projects for a DevOps approach
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