OKR template to streamline testing process for new features

public-lib · Published 26 days ago

The key objective of this OKR is to implement a more effective testing process for new features. This includes training all the testing team members on improved, newly-introduced testing procedures. This training will need to be comprehensive, and testing the team's understanding post-training is crucial.

The second part of the OKR focuses on implementing automated testing for a majority of new features. The aim is to automate the testing procedure for 70% of the new features. This will require the development of testing scripts and integrating these tests into the development process.

To further improve efficiency, the third component of the OKR aims to reduce the average feature testing time by a significant 35%. This goal will oblige the implementation of automatic testing for recurrent test scenarios, training the team on efficient strategies, and carrying out regular code reviews for early problem detection.

Lastly, the importance of identifying the new, updated testing procedures and the features viable for automated testing, can't be overlooked. These initiatives are vital in achieving the overall goal, which is to streamline the testing process for new features.
  • ObjectiveStreamline testing process for new features
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of the testing team on efficient, newly-introduced testing procedures
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate the team’s understanding post-training
  • TaskIdentify the updated testing procedures for training
  • TaskOrganise comprehensive training sessions for the team
  • Key ResultImplement automated testing for 70% of new features
  • TaskDevelop automated testing scripts for the features
  • TaskIntegrate tests into the development process
  • TaskIdentify new features viable for automated testing
  • Key ResultDecrease the average feature testing time by 35%
  • TaskImplement automated testing for common test scenarios
  • TaskTrain team on efficient testing strategies
  • TaskConduct regular code reviews to identify issues early
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