OKR template to become proficient in React.js

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The OKR aims to achieve proficiency in using React.js, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The first objective is completing an online React.js course with a passing grade by the end of a specific time period. It would require measures like enrolling in the course, devoting regular study hours, and passing all assessments.

The second objective is to read and properly comprehend the documentation for five different React.js libraries. This would involve in-depth reading, summarizing key functions and elements, and carefully choosing five libraries for review. Understanding these libraries is essential because they offer ready-to-use, pre-written codes for specific functions.

The third objective consists of developing and deploying a functional web app using React.js. The aim is to have firsthand experience in handling React.js to create a live product. The steps necessary to reach this goal are developing a small web app using React.js, testing it for full functionality locally, and then deploying it on a preferred hosting platform.

Cumulatively, these objectives target the practical learning and usage of React.js. The main theme here is not just learning from a course but also by doing hands-on tasks, such as understanding how various libraries support React.js functionality and building a working application using React.js.
  • ObjectiveBecome proficient in React.js
  • Key ResultComplete an online React.js course with a passing grade by end of quarter
  • TaskEnroll in an online React.js course
  • TaskDedicate consistent study hours each week
  • TaskComplete and pass all required assessments
  • Key ResultRead and understand documentation for 5 React.js libraries
  • TaskThoroughly read the documentation for each library
  • TaskSummarize key functions and features of each library
  • TaskSelect 5 React.js libraries for review and understanding
  • Key ResultBuild and deploy a small, functional web app using React.js
  • TaskTest the app locally to ensure full functionality
  • TaskDevelop a small React.js web app following online tutorials or guidelines
  • TaskDeploy the web app on a preferred hosting platform
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