OKR template to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly dictionary

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The OKR is focused on developing a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate dictionary. The first objective involves designing a user-friendly interface, which includes testing its usability, sketching a clear layout, and identifying key user tasks for functionality prioritization.

The second objective revolves around procuring and integrating relevant images to enhance user understanding. This includes identifying sources for acquiring such images, their integration with desired content, and the actual procurement of 1,000 suitable images.

The third objective is crucial for the dictionary's content quality. It entails drafting 10,000 word definitions that meet academic standards. The initiatives to achieve this objective involve researching the standards for these definitions, revisiting them for accuracy, and finally, drafting these definitions.

Overall, this OKR describes a comprehensive strategy that blends user-friendly design, integration of visual aids, and high-quality word definitions to create an intuitive and informative dictionary.
  • ObjectiveDevelop a comprehensive and user-friendly dictionary
  • Key ResultDesign an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface
  • TaskTest interface usability and adjust accordingly
  • TaskSketch layout with clear, easily accessible features
  • TaskIdentify key user tasks for functionality prioritization
  • Key ResultProcure and integrate 1,000 relevant images to aid understanding
  • TaskIdentify sources for acquiring relevant images
  • TaskIncorporate images into desired content
  • TaskPurchase or download 1,000 suitable images
  • Key ResultDraft at least 10,000 word definitions meeting academic standards
  • TaskResearch academic standards for word definitions
  • TaskReview and edit definitions for accuracy
  • TaskDraft 10,000-word academic-standard definitions
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