OKR template to complete Mid-Office documentation in Confluence

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR aims to complete Mid-Office documentation in a Confluence platform. It dedicates to review, edit, and finalize all documents by end of the quarter. This process necessitates organizing and sorting essential documentation, reviewing, editing gathered papers, and eventually finalizing and approving all reviewed documentations.

The OKR also focuses on outlining and organizing necessary document topics by the end of the first month. This task requires the creation of an outline for each topic, identifying all documentation topics required, and arranging the subjects into a structured order.

A key goal of the OKR involves drafting at least 75% of the entire pages by the end of the second month. Necessary initiatives for this target include creating a detailed outline to streamline drafting, consistently reviewing and revising the drafted work, and allocating daily writing hours to meet the 75% draft target.

Ultimately, the OKR targets to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Mid-Office documentation using Confluence. The goal is to ensure a more organized, comprehensive, and updated documentation process, contributing to better Mid-Office operations.
  • ObjectiveComplete Mid-Office documentation in Confluence
  • Key ResultReview, edit and finalise all documentation by end of the quarter
  • TaskOrganize and sort all necessary documentation
  • TaskReview and edit all gathered documents
  • TaskFinalize and approve all reviewed documents
  • Key ResultOutline and organize all necessary documentation topics by end of first month
  • TaskCreate an outline for each documentation topic
  • TaskIdentify all potential documentation topics needed
  • TaskOrganize topics into a structured order
  • Key ResultDraft at least 75% of the total pages by end of second month
  • TaskCreate a detailed outline to streamline drafting
  • TaskRegularly review and revise what has been drafted
  • TaskAllocate daily writing hours to meet the 75% draft goal
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