OKR template to develop creator for third person game creation

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR centers around the development of a creator for a third-person game. One of the key objectives is to design an intuitive user interface(UI) for this gaming tool—aiming for 70% completeness. The actions planned include developing an exhaustive plan for the UI design, then implementing a majority of this plan, thereafter reviewing and testing it for intuitive interaction.

The next objective within this OKR is engaging in beta testing with the goal of receiving 40 pieces of user feedback for improvement. This will be achieved by the important initiatives of collating and analyzing tester feedback for improvement areas, identifying and recruiting the most suitable beta testers, and preparing the beta version for this testing process.

Additionally, 50% of the pre-set game templates for third-person games should be implemented as another objective. This initiative involves identifying and listing all necessary pre-set game templates, selecting half of those for implementation, and then carrying out the implementation.

The success rates of these objectives are distinctly measured in percentages, representing the extent of progress made in each of these areas. This approach allows clear, accessible tracking of development in each objective, thus keeping all team members on the same page.
  • ObjectiveDevelop creator for third person game creation
  • Key ResultComplete designing intuitive UI for creator tool by 70%
  • TaskDevelop a detailed UI design plan for the creator tool
  • TaskImplement 70% of planned UI design elements
  • TaskReview and test completed UI for intuitive interaction
  • Key ResultAccomplish beta testing with 40 user feedbacks for improvement
  • TaskCollate and analyze tester feedback for improvements
  • TaskIdentify and recruit 40 beta testers
  • TaskDevelop and prepare the beta version for testing
  • Key ResultImplement 50% of pre-set game templates for third person games
  • TaskImplement selected game templates
  • TaskSelect 50% of listed templates for implementation
  • TaskIdentify and list all pre-set game templates for third-person games
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