OKR template to shift newsroom operations towards a topic-first communication approach

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The OKR aims to transition the newsroom's operations towards focusing on a topic-first communication approach. This includes generating content guided by trending issues among the readership as opposed to a generalized or channel-focused approach. The ambition is to better engage the audience, with a target increase in audience engagement of 15%.

The second objective involves training staff to improve their understanding of five crucial topics. By educating the team on these specifics, it is intended to boost their knowledge by 30%. This in-depth training should subsequently create more compelling and informative content tailored to these topics.

Alongside these objectives, the OKR also aims to diminish the time devoted to channel-focused strategies by a quarter. The initiatives include streamlining content creation for all platforms and utilizing automation tools for post schedules. Decentralizing the task of channel strategy also forms part of the strategic plan.

Finally, the OKR includes monitoring adjustments based on audience feedback. Attention will be paid to the content preferences signaled by the audience. Evaluations will also be done following each training sessions to assess the level of understanding gained in relation to the key topics being covered.
  • ObjectiveShift newsroom operations towards a topic-first communication approach
  • Key ResultIncrease audience engagement by 15% through topic-first content
  • TaskResearch popular topics among current audience members
  • TaskMonitor and adjust content based on audience feedback
  • TaskDevelop compelling content based on chosen topics
  • Key ResultImprove team knowledge on 5 key topics by 30% through training sessions
  • TaskIdentify 5 key topics necessitating improved team knowledge
  • TaskOrganize comprehensive training sessions on these topics
  • TaskEvaluate team's understanding after each session
  • Key ResultReduce time spent on channel-focused strategies by 25%
  • TaskStreamline content creation for all platforms
  • TaskImplement automation tools for posting schedules
  • TaskDelegate channel strategy work among team members
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