OKR template to validate employee experience in a new tool

public-lib · Published 10 days ago

The OKR titled "Validate employee experience in a new tool" focuses on assessing the user-friendliness and efficacy of a workplace tool. The key objective of this OKR revolves around securing response from 80% of the employees about their experiences and views of the new tool.

A crucial part of the process is developing a feedback survey to assess the tool's utility and efficiency. This involves listing and identifying all employees who have interacted with the tool, before the survey is distributed and responses collected. The goal is to create an employee-driven approach towards tool evaluation.

Another significant outcome of this OKR lies in implementing at least two major suggestions that have been put forth from the feedback to better the tool's usability. Identifying the top 2 crucial suggestions, developing a plan to integrate them into the tool and executing them forms the process.

The final objective of this OKR is to achieve a 70% positive response rate about the tool's user experience. A comprehensive user outreach campaign, improving tool functionality based on feedback, and implementing user-friendly updates are key initiatives to achieving this outcome.
  • ObjectiveValidate employee experience in a new tool
  • Key ResultSurvey 80% of employees on their usage and feedback of the new tool
  • TaskDevelop a feedback survey on the tool's usage and effectiveness
  • TaskIdentify and list all employees who have used the new tool
  • TaskDistribute the survey and collect the responses from employees
  • Key ResultImplement 2 major suggestions from the feedback to improve the tool usability
  • TaskExecute the improvement plan and update the tool
  • TaskIdentify the top 2 major suggestions from user feedback
  • TaskDevelop a plan to incorporate these suggestions into the tool
  • Key ResultAchieve a 70% positive response rate for user experience on the tool
  • TaskInitiate a comprehensive user outreach campaign
  • TaskImprove tool functionality based on user feedback
  • TaskImplement regular user-friendly updates
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